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inner space matters to NASA

Chromosome Painting, Geraldine Ondrizek’s 2009-2011 collaboration with myself, Robin Bennett and the research scientists at the University of Washington Division of Medical Genetics, created interest and inquiry among artists, curators, scientists and scholars. Following exhibition at Kirkland Art Center, “Chromosome Painting and works from a commission for the University of Washington Division of Medical Genetics“,  Jane Chin Davidson, curated a multi-site installation, Inner Space, Global Matter: Recording from the Structures Within, Geraldine Ondrizek, Works from 2009-2012, at the University of Houston Gallery of Art, Johnson Space Center  and Florida International University.

” Geraldine Ondrizek engages diverse artistic media to portray, explore and enhance images of the genetic testing of human and animal cellular tissue as reproduced by geneticists and biologists.”   – Jane Chin Davidson, University of Houston, Clear Lake, TX

Intersections of Art, Science and Technology Panelists included: Geraldine Ondrizek, Reed College art professor; Darrin Leleux, engineer, NASA Johnson Space Center; Lory Z. Santiago-Vázquez, UHCL biology professor; and Amy Lampazzi, UHCL mathematics lecturer.

UHCL’s Intersections of Art, Science and Tech Panel, 2012

Davidson put together a compelling cross-disciplinary panel discussion, Intersections of Art, Science and Technology, to launch this exhibition. Panelists included: Geraldine Ondrizek, Amy Lampazzi, Mathematics lecturer at UHCL; Darrin Leleux, Engineer at NASA’s Johnson Space Center; and Kevin Phillips, Assistant Professor in the Genomic Medicine and Diabetes Research Programs at The Methodist Hospital Research Institute. View panel Discussion: Intersections of Art, Science and Technology – (View full or abridged)


The exhibition catalog, Inner Space, Global Matter: Recording from the Structures Within, Geraldine Ondrizek, Works from 2009-2012,  is written by curator and art historian, Jane Chin Davidson and includes essays by Geraldine Ondrizek, Robin Bennett, Alpesh Patel and myself.

2012 4Culture Independent Artist Grant supported my participation in and documentation of this public scholarship forum at UHCL. Thank You 4C!!!


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