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my SEP residency at Fred Hutch

Artists and designers play an increasingly key role in communicating scientific phenomenon. In my role as artist and educator, I am working to create access for myself and other artists … Continue reading

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transdisciplinarians convene in turkey

This summer (2014) I had an adventure of a lifetime attending the Third International Conferecne on Transdisciplinary Imaging at the Intersections of Art, Science and Culture: Cloud and Molecular Aesthetics … Continue reading

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15th annual microsoft research faculty summit crasher

True innovation is often cultivated through the technology industry’s ‘deep engagement with academic partners’. – Peter Lee, Microsoft Research Microsoft Research’s yearly Faculty Summit event brings together innovators and educators from around the … Continue reading

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fostering a community of innovation: art + technology

This density of technology creatives – artists, programmers, technologists, designers, entrepreneurs  in the Pacific NW has had a meaningful impact on the regional art community and beyond, placing the Northwest … Continue reading

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b.a.t.s. & smart tools for the blind

Ian Birchall is a family friend whom I have known for many years. Ian has been blind for much of his life, but has not let his disability get in … Continue reading

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openGLAM launch!

Was THRILLED to be among the lucky folks were gathered together in Berkeley this Spring for the US OpenGLAM Launch.  This landmark event, sponsored by the OCLC, Wikimedia Foundation, and the Open Knowledge Foundation, took place … Continue reading

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chromosome painting: ondrizek’s genetic literacy primer

Geraldine Ondrizek is a research-based artist and professor at Reed College who works at the intersection of art and medical science. After the tragic loss of her first child to a … Continue reading

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inner space matters to NASA

Chromosome Painting, Geraldine Ondrizek’s 2009-2011 collaboration with myself, Robin Bennett and the research scientists at the University of Washington Division of Medical Genetics, created interest and inquiry among artists, curators, scientists and scholars. Following … Continue reading

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public scholarship in a nutshell

In 2010, I attended the Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life conference: Convergence Zones: Public Cultures and Translocal Practices at the University of Washington. Imagining America is a consortium of universities and … Continue reading

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