. . . field reports from a creative catalyst in the Pacific NW


Art and Technology Incubation for Technology Creatives in the Northwest: A Questionnaire Study (Shelly Farnham, Genevieve Tremblay) The Pacific Northwest is home to a highly innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial community with unique requirements for educational resources, collaboration opportunities, and work and living spaces. In order to better understand this community of technology creatives at the intersection of art and technology we distributed a questionnaire, requesting information about current creative uses of technology, existing studio and work spaces, and preferences and needs to advance creative goals. We found that this community is largely comprised of individuals who had careers in technology, but were pursuing artistic interests. They were particularly interested in knowledge sharing and collaborative opportunities, with many expressing an interest in shared or membership based incubation spaces for access to other people. They reported that time was more a constraint than financial limitations. Based on our study results, we provide recommendations for the development of resources in the Pacific Northwest to help meet these needs.

Fostering A Community of Innovation at the Intersection of Art+Technology in the Pacific Northwest (Genevieve G TremblayAna Pinto da Silvajeff briceCarey Christie, and Shelly Farnham)

The Pacific Northwest is a top region for innovators at the intersection of art and technology. This density of technology creatives – artists, programmers, technologists, designers, entrepreneurs – combined with the Northwest’s uniquely community-oriented zeitgeist has had a meaningful impact on the local arts community, placing the Northwest in a unique position to show global leadership in emerging genres of interdisciplinary, technology-mediated art. In order to help foster this growing community of artists/technologists in pushing the bounds of what is possible in their work, we organized a workshop bringing together key stakeholders in the region. The workshop was structured as a focus group including a brief questionnaire to generate feedback for how to best support this


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