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chromosome painting: ondrizek’s genetic literacy primer

Geraldine Ondrizek is a research-based artist and professor at Reed College who works at the intersection of art and medical science. After the tragic loss of her first child to a … Continue reading

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my SEP residency at Fred Hutch

Artists and designers play an increasingly key role in communicating scientific phenomenon. In my role as artist and educator, I am working to create access for myself and other artists … Continue reading

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art + science colliding, collectives forming

There is great momentum gathering in our creative community around the role of artists and designers in scientific inquiry. Access is being created for artists and others to explore, interpret and … Continue reading

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data driven portraits: the quantified selfie

The notion that the grand scale of humanity is connected on the cellular level. In its visual and poetic language, a key function of art is to present a portrait of … Continue reading

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a precision platform: mapping knowledge networks at the intersection of art + science + culture

Mapping is such a powerful tool. As I prepared for my talk at the 2014 Cloud & Molecular Aesthetics Conference in Istanbul, I not only wanted to present my University of … Continue reading

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transdisciplinarians convene in turkey

This summer (2014) I had an adventure of a lifetime attending the Third International Conferecne on Transdisciplinary Imaging at the Intersections of Art, Science and Culture: Cloud and Molecular Aesthetics … Continue reading

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15th annual microsoft research faculty summit crasher

True innovation is often cultivated through the technology industry’s ‘deep engagement with academic partners’. – Peter Lee, Microsoft Research Microsoft Research’s yearly Faculty Summit event brings together innovators and educators from around the … Continue reading

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a working definition of ‘cultural entrepreneur’

Sometime around 1998, I read about a cultural entrepreneur who was doing some inspiring cultural development work in Europe. The term “cultural entrepreneur” resonated with me so much that I … Continue reading

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